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Dry Roasted Almonds | all natural whole almonds

Almonds (9 varieties)


Product Description

Not only are Almonds one of the most delightfully delicious snacks, but these little pouches of nourishment pack a powerhouse punch of nutrition! Almonds are heart-healthy, helping reduce the risk of heart disease, and they are mind-healthy too, helping brain development and prevent Alzheimer’s disease! Almonds boost energy and improve the immune system, they nourish skin and improve complexion! With all the beneficial vitamins and minerals they carry naturally, Almonds also help with weight loss, keeping you satisfied longer, as opposed to processed food snacks that leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied.

austiNuts takes these little mouthfuls of delight and dry-roasts them to perfection! In addition to dry-roasted salted and unsalted Almonds, we also make mouthwatering flavors such as Smoked Almonds, Cajun and Cayenne Almonds, and our newest flavor, Sriracha Almonds. And if you want a super powered health kick, opt for our Turmeric Almonds for the super natural health benefits of this Southeast Asian wonder-spice.


Price per 1lb.