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Dry Roasted Nuts - austiNuts in Austin, TX

Dry Roasted Nuts - austiNuts in Austin, TX

The process of dry roasting nuts is time consuming but well worth the end product. Many hours of labor are poured into waiting for agriculture to produce the nuts that we consume but the deep and delicious taste is brought out once they are roasted. 

A dry roasted nut is one that is brought under heat with no oils added. This allows the natural flavor of the nut to be pulled out and enjoyed by a consumer. Also, no oils means no more unnecessary calories.

Some people prefer their almonds, pecans, peanuts, or sunflower seeds raw but others seek a more full and satisfying taste. All preferences can be met with austiNuts. Our wholesale and food manufacturing location is roasting daily and our storefront has a heated nut bar. Sample each nut with a number of different seasonings and then buy your favorite. The flavor is fresh and quality unmatched.

If you're looking for a local and healthy option to purchase nuts or shop for gifts for you family and friends, please visit our store front at 2900 W. Anderson Ln. Austin, TX 78757.

Serving the greater Austin area with healthy and delicious snacks is our passion.

Choose quality, choose austiNuts.