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Eating Habits in College with austiNuts in Austin, TX

Eating Habits in College with austiNuts in Austin, TX

Are you getting ready to head to college? Or are you the concerned parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparents worrying about the new child headed to live on their own with only the hope that they will make the right choices? 

Either way, at austiNuts we know both scenarios. Our founder and owner of austiNuts, Doron Ilai, grew up snacking on fresh roasted nuts, seed, and dried fruits along the sunny shores of the eastern Mediterranean. While he was preparing for college, he had hope that he would find the same quality of snacks in his new home at the University of Texas at Austin. Unfortunately, he was unable to find dry roasted nuts with the same fresh taste and crunchiness as the ones he enjoyed growing up. This insatiable craving planted the seeds of creation of austiNuts, Inc.

austiNuts strives to remain the highest quality and healthy choice for snacking by dry roasting all our products with NO OILS OR PRESERVATIVES! A 2006 report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that college freshmen gained weight at a rate of 5.5 times greater than the rest of the population. This is caused by variety of reasons, stress, liberation of being away from home with no one there to monitor their eating habits, but often times caused by the lack of healthy options available in most college dinning halls. 

austiNuts was created as a tastier, healthier, alternative for snacking and we have gone the extra mile to make our products more convenient for you. We have created 7 snack packs, to help you, or your young student make it through the semester with energy boasting treats that can now be delivered to you directly.