Peanuts: Health & Nutrition facts from austiNuts

Peanuts: Health & Nutrition facts from austiNuts


When you hear the word peanuts, what comes to mind? 

Do you think of baseball games or peanut butter? Peanuts remind us of so much that there is no surprise that they are known as the most popular nut around. But did you know all the benefits of actually consuming peanuts? 

The answer is clear: they benefit our heath. No matter your age, it always feels good to fill up with a handful of peanuts or treat yourself to a spoonful of peanut butter. 

Studies have shown that consuming small amounts of peanuts, helps reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, manage weight and provide our bodies with key nutrients that we need to be healthy. 

"Here are the 4 Top Reasons you should be eating peanuts daily:

1. Live a longer life. 

• Eating peanuts has been shown to increase the lifespan. 

• Recent research from Harvard showed that people who eat peanuts everyday decrease their risk of death from all causes by 20%

2. Shrink your waistline. 

• Peanuts and peanut butter are beneficial for weight maintenance. 

• Research from Purdue University showed that peanuts increase the hormone peptide YY, which promotes satiety and fullness.

• Frequent peanut and peanut butter eaters have lower BMIs and body weight even if they consume more calories. 

3. Follow your heart.

• Peanuts carry the American Heart Association Heart-Check logo. 

• Research from Harvard showed that eating peanuts daily reduces risk of death from heart disease by 29%.

• Replacing red meat in the diet with a plant-protein like peanuts can decrease the risk of heart disease by 19%. 

4. Prevent disease with plant protein 

• A one-ounce serving of peanuts contains about 8 grams of cholesterol-free plant protein.

• Peanuts contain more protein than any other nut.

• Research from Harvard shows that a diet high in red meat is associated with unfavorable biomarkers of inflammation and glucose metabolism. Substituting red meat with another protein food, such as peanuts, is associated with a healthier biomarker profile. 

• Another study from Harvard found that swapping one serving of processed or unprocessed red meat for an alternative protein such as nuts can decrease risk of stroke by 17%"

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