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Large Elegant Medallion Wire Basket with Handle

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This Elegant Basket is perfect for the family gatherings. This is a crowd pleaser that has a wide variety of flavored snacks so everyone has something to enjoy. This beautiful basket can be used after all the snacks have been enjoed as a decoration for towels, soaps, etc. Let your decorative side flow. 


Contents: 8oz of Salted Cashews, Salted Pistachio in Shell, Deluxe Nut Mix, South of the Border, Trail Mix, Praline Pecans, BBQ Pecans, Pastel Chocolate Cherries, Christmas Tree Pretzels. 1 Tortilla Soup, 1 Jaradines Salsa, 1 Coffee Master, 1 Drink Mix, 1 Keto Bites, and 1 Bag of Popcorn. 

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