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Macadamia Nuts (3 varieties)


Product Description

Although considered by most as being high in fat, Macadamia nuts have been proven to help shrink waistlines rather than pack on pounds. A review of 31 clinical and university trials over five weeks showed that when people included nuts in their diets or substituted nuts for other foods, they lost rather than gained! Participants lost about 1.4 pounds and half an inch from their waists, which, over time, makes a noticeable difference!

Nuts like Macadamia nuts provide the highest amount of healthy fat without delivering excess carbs. The monounsaturated fats found in nuts translate to healthy fats (High Density Lipoproteins), which help remove unhealthy fats (Low Density Lipoproteins) which are responsible for thick, hard deposits of plaque on the artery walls that narrow and block arteries, leading to heart attack or stroke.

A healthy dose of nuts, like Macadamias, can help prevent LDLs from building up by escorting them to the liver where they are broken down.

You can thank Mother Earth for providing us this invaluable resource, and you can thank austiNuts for dry roasting them to perfection for a tasty snack that could save your life : )

Enjoy Macadamias as a snack or in your cookie, granola bar, even cheese ball recipes. 

Price per 1lb.