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Peanuts | Dry Roasted Peanuts | Peanuts in a clear container

Peanuts (7 varieties)


Product Description

Did you know that peanuts grow underground!?!

Did you know peanuts aren’t really peas OR nuts!

Did you know that the Peanut is the best source of concentrated protein in the plant kingdom!!!

That’s right! The peanut is actually a legume that grows underground and it’s the protein king of plants! They can be a useful ingredient in a weight loss diet! These little golden kernels of goodness are enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that reduce the risk of heart disease and gallstones! The have many antioxidants, including Resveratrol, which have a protective function against cancers, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

So go ahead, grab a handful (or a truck full) and delight in “taking your medicine!”

austiNuts has been dry roasting and flavoring peanuts since 1993! We know how to do them right; if you want salted, unsalted, honey, spicy, and/or Barbecue peanuts

(actually stay there, we’ll send them to you).

Price per 1 LB.