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Pumpkin Seeds


Product Description

Pumpkin seeds make an excellent snack! You can snack on them like popcorn and take pleasure in providing yourself with wholesome, valuable, and advantageous nutrients and minerals!

Pumpkin seeds have some excellent benefits for the urinary tract and related areas, such as relief of overactive bladder, and also symptoms related to prostate enlargement! 

Pumpkin seeds have been shown to lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar, fight anxiety, relieve arthritis inflammation, and protect bones against osteoporosis!

Did you know many people prefer to eat the pumpkin seed whole, along with the shell! The outer shell is digestible and doesn’t really need to be removed in order to enjoy the seed inside. You don’t have to work so hard to get the kernel out because most people eat the white shell and everything! 

Price per 1lb.