Deliciously slightly sweetened Cashews – Cinnamon Vanilla and Honey Roasted – YUMMY!
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Dry Roasted Cashews

Sweet Cashews (2 varieties)


Product Description

Didn’t think Cashews could be any more delicious? Neither did I until I tried these splendors! A dash of cinnamon and a touch of vanilla combine with the natural milky sweetness of the cashew for an exquisite taste of delight!

And the Honey Toasted Cashews will leave you deliriously confused about which variety you prefer!

You might as well just treat yourself to both!

Here at austiNuts we are traditionalists! We did not want to overwhelm the taste of the nut with a bunch of sweetners, so we LIGHLY dust the cinnamon, vanilla, and honey onto these already delicious snacks. This also prevents overwhelming the health benefits of cashews with a ton of sugar. 



Price per 1lb.