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Doron Ilai, Founder of austiNuts, Inc., grew up snacking on fresh roasted nuts, seed, and dried fruits along the sunny shores of the eastern Mediterranean. After earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and statistics from the University of Haifa, Doron pursued a doctoral degree in psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. He snacked on nuts and dried fruits through rigorous hours of study but he was unable to find dry roasted nuts with the same fresh taste and crunchiness as the ones he enjoyed growing up. This insatiable craving planted the seeds of creation of austiNuts, Inc.

From the time Doron began practicing clinical psychology, he devoted his free time to developing his vision of a dry roasting nut company. He spent time overseas apprenticing with some of the best nut roasters in the world prior to opening the austiNuts retail store in Austin, Texas in 1993.

The original retail store had a kitchen and two imported custom-built traditional dry roasting ovens. Customers quickly became devotees of the same style of fresh, crunchy nuts that Doron was so fond of in his youth. The warm, friendly atmosphere and delicious edibles won over the hearts and taste buds of Austinites.

austiNuts continuous expansion led to the birth of austiNuts Wholesale, Inc. in 2003. Housed in a 10,000 square foot facility, the plant is responsible for manufacturing and distribution of products including freshly dry roasted, premium quality, gourmet nuts, seeds, dried fruits and many other healthy snacks. These products are shipped to hundreds of customers across the entire United States. austiNuts continues to operate its original retail store and now offers direct sales to the public.

While we are best known for our large selection of nuts and our unique process of dry roasting, we also offer healthy snacks such as trail mixes, gourmet chocolates and candies, along with many unique gift ideas. All austiNuts products may be ordered in any of our gift packaging and baskets.

At austiNuts, we are committed to the highest standards in freshness and taste. Your purchase of austiNuts products demonstrates your appreciation for quality. Whether you buy austiNuts products because you are a "health-nut" or because you simply love the taste of fresh dry roasted nuts, we are confident you will enjoy our selections!