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​AustiNuts Business Story

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AustiNuts Business Story 

austiNuts is a proud family-owned business that has been leading the dry roasting market for the past 24 years. Doron Ilai, founder of austiNuts, Inc. and his family grew up snacking on fresh roasted nuts, seed, and dried fruits along the sunny shores of the eastern Mediterranean. The idea to start a nut company didn’t begin until Doron pursued a doctoral degree in psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Doron snacked on nuts and dried fruits through rigorous hours of study, but he was unable to find dry roasted nuts with the same fresh taste and crunchiness as the ones he enjoyed growing up. This insatiable craving planted the seeds of creation of austiNuts, Inc. Doron spent time overseas apprenticing with some of the best nut roasters in the world prior to opening the austiNuts retail store in Austin, Texas in 1993.

The retail store located on Anderson Lane opened with the help of Doron’s mother, Cipora Ilai, better known as Cipi, who still runs the store today after 24 years. Being foreign to the United States, the Ilai family struggled in the beginning with the language barrier, but was able to exceed all expectations after the grand opening of austiNuts. The original retail store had a kitchen and two imported custom-build traditional dry roasting ovens. The store was immediately filled with customers who quickly became devotees of the same style of fresh, crunchy nuts that Cipi’s son, Doron, was so fond of in his youth. The success of the store led to the expansion of the austiNuts Wholesale Inc. in 2003. Housed in a 10,000 square foot facility, the plant is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of products including freshly dry roasted premium quality gourmet nuts and seeds, dried fruits and other healthy snacks. These products are shipped to hundreds of customers and distributors across the United States.

Cipi still continues to operate the original store and Doron runs austiNuts Wholesale Inc. focusing on offering customers a unique experience for finding quality products and with an unbeatable taste. The retail store has expanded to offering direct sales to the public on their online store www.austinuts.com. Now customers can order every product in the store to be delivered to their door or send a gift to someone special. The good news doesn’t stop there, austiNuts has now taken Corporate Gifts to a whole new level with unique customization for orders, small or large, your gifts are guaranteed to impress any client or business.

Local customers and tourist from around the world come to the store for the warm, friendly atmosphere, to taste the high quality of dry roasted nuts and to also hear stories from Cipi about the austiNuts journey. No matter what your reason for shopping at austiNuts, your experience is guaranteed to be satisfactory. At austiNuts, we are committed to the highest standards in freshness and taste. Your purchase of austiNuts products demonstrates your appreciation for quality. Whether you buy austiNuts products because you are a "healthNut" or because you simply love the taste of fresh dry roasted nuts, we are confident you will enjoy our selections!

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