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Other Reasons to Buy austiNuts When Christmas is Over

Other Reasons to Buy austiNuts When Christmas is Over

The holiday season has come and gone. We first want to say THANK YOU to everyone who allowed austiNuts to be a part of their gift giving season.

Secondly, we want to remind everyone of how austiNuts can still serve you all year round. Listed below are four quick reasons why austiNuts is not a holiday only purchase.

1. For the Health of It

The new year has begun and chances of you adopting a whole new diet and sticking with it is below 8%. But if you do we have a KETO line of products. The KETO diet is high in protein and fats with specific attention to low net carb intake. Most all of our products are well within the vegan and vegetarian diet confines. Even if you do not adhere to a particular diet, you can still grab a handful of austiNuts and know you are snacking on a healthier option than the bag of potato chips from the grocery store.

2. Simple Gifts to Say "Thank You" or "Welcome to the Team"

Some of our most reoccurring purchases are from realtors and hiring managers in the Austin area. These individuals have the opportunity to say "thank you for your business" or "welcome to the team" and we are honored they would use austiNuts in this process. From a custom gift basket to a jar of nuts, our products are a great way to send a warm and welcoming message. 

3. Hello from Texas

Speaking of warm messages, our products also scream TEXAS. We are proud Go Texan members and our products are all Texas made. Our dry roasted nuts are manufactured in Manor, TX. We support many other local Texas business by stocking their products on our shelves. Some of these local business are:

  1. Truly Texas - salsas, chilis, and condiments
  2. Lammes Candies - Austin based candies since 1885
  3. Pepper Springs - Carmie's Kitchen Gourmet Food
  4. and more

Our gifts are also a great way to remind people how great Texas is. Maybe a loved one has moved away or your trying to convince a loved one to move closer. Share the taste of Texas with austiNuts and a Texas themed gift.

4. Shop Local

The story of austiNuts is well documented in text and video. If there is no other reason to shop at austiNuts, then do it because we are local. We have been family owned since 1993 and Austinites from the beginning. The goal was to provide Austin, Texas, and the rest of the country with the freshest, crunchiest, and most delicious nuts. We have a great variety of products and strive for excellence. Visit us at 2900 W. Anderson Ln. and we will help you find another great reason to shop at austiNuts. 

Dec 26th 2019 Anthony K. Goodwin

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